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Polish&Co. was created for the beauty bombshell with the aesthetics of a Southern belle. Our nail polish effortlessly infuses modern and vintage as well as chic and cutting edge for a nail lacquer that defies expectations. From its inception, Polish&Co. has created high quality, innovative shade collections that range from syrupy concoctions such as Lemon Meringue to fashion fanatic colors such as Oh Hell No! 

Polish&Co. was created by nail expert and cosmetologist Theresa Williamson in 2011 to be the fashion forward option for a consumer base that wanted more. With a cult following around the globe, Theresa was able to transfer her vision of creating a product that could be used as an accessory to any outfit with its litany of high quality color choices. Gone are the days of relying on a mere selection of colors for your fingertips with Polish & Co. being available in over 43 shades and colors. 

The philosophy and a company mission of Polish&Co. is simple: create a product that is completely free of harmful ingredients and chemicals including Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP and Parabens that are found in typical nail polish brands. The result? A brand that is as beautiful to wear as it is safe to inhale. 

It is the Polish&Co. way; it is the only way.

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